HR Force | Short-Time Work (2009, COVID-19)


Short-Time Work (2009, COVID-19)

From time to time external circumstances force companies to use short time work in order to mitigate the effects. The Austrian government established the general framework for this short time work and therefore provides options to keep employees in their jobs during such periods. By using the HRFORCE-solution „Short-Time Work“ we provide exactly the required tools to create a correct payroll run in a simple and correct way and to create the reporting for the following pay-off regarding the job centres.

Solution Description

By using the HRFORCE-solution “Short-Time Work” you as an employer will be enabled to implement the currently known Short-Time Work regulations and run them correctly in terms of payments and B2A processes.

As this solution is based on using absences you will not be forced to create specific work time rules or do changes concerning your already running time management tools. Thus, you will be able to calculate all related costs even though you are using other SAP ERP HCM components, such as SAP Shift Planning.

By using its own cumulation wage types both retroactive payroll runs (last full payment before short time work) and the reporting to authorities (refunding to employers) are supported essentially.

Additional we will support you during the manual driven process of average wage calculations in order to calculate valid figures concerning the application for short time work by using SAP standard reporting and EXCEL templates.

Implemented Functionalities

    Regulations 2009 (BRL 2009) and 2019 (BRL KUA-COVID-19) are supported.
    Labelling for full departments via feature or on personnel number level via infotype
    Determine different durations for different departments via tables
    In Order to calculate the correct short-term work payment (guaranteed net income) the depending gross will be extrapolated during the regular payoll run.

Client Advantages

  • Enhancement of a best practice solution
  • Implementation with less impact on existing and running processes
  • Enhances the SAP standard solution and may run independently
  • Supports the whole process starting which the application until the payment and reporting to authorities
  • Extendible to future requirements