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Microsoft Outlook 365 interface

When employees record their absences and time data, this is usually done using specialised applications (ESS/MSS, SAP HCM) that are not fully integrated into the daily work routine. In many companies, however, the MS Outlook calendar is a central information pool for all employees, which is used daily for coordination purposes.

Solution Description

With the "Microsoft Outlook 365 interface", employees can enter their travel activities or absences – such as holidays – in SAP HCM, and these absences are visible in the calendar at the same time. An additional entry – as may have been necessary in the past – is completely unnecessary here.

Colleagues or even managers can see immediately whether reasons for absence have been requested and whether the employees will be available at a desired time in the future.

With the HRFORCE solution “Microsoft Outlook 365 interface” you reduce the maintenance effort of your employees' calendar. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications via a connector.

Planned absences such as business trips, holidays and other requested absences can be transferred to the calendars without additional effort.

In addition, "home-office times" can also be transferred and clearly displayed.

Implemented Functionalities

    Access via OAUTH authentication to all accounts in the company via the MICROSOFT GRAPH API interface to the Outlook Cloud
    Flexible integration of the cloud solution Microsoft Outlook 365 Calendar into the existing SAP application landscape
    Revision security through logged transmission
    Can be easily integrated into any SAP application via a standardised connector and can also be queried by non-HR applications

Client Advantages

  • Automatic and seamless maintenance of calendar entries
  • Quick overview of the "future" availability of employees
  • Time saving through one-time entry
  • Read / write calendar entries directly from SAP HCM
  • Simple connection thanks to Microsoft Graph API interface