HR Force | Self Reporting Personal Employee Data


Self Reporting Personal Employee Data

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prescribes all Employers to provide information about the stored personal data to their employees if they ask for. Even today you can collect this data and hand it over to the employee but this must be done by an admistrator or payroll clerk who must interrupt other activities to fulfil this requirement.

Why not thinking about a scenario that enables your employees to query this data at any time and at any place easily by using an Employee Self Service scenario. Afterwards they may download or print the result via pdf or Excel spreadsheet.

Solution Description

The HRFORCE-Solution "Self Reporting Personal Employee Data" provides exactly such a tool where you may display, download and print the stored data (Personnel Management, Organisational Data, ...) and fulfil the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation in an easy way.

Implemented Functionalities

    Employees will be enabled to take insights into their personal data stored in SAP Human Capital Management
    The data processing will be done via Adobe form or via Excel download. The results may be printed via these tools.
    This solution is based on the already existing SAP Standard functionality „Information of Employee-related Data“.

Client Advantages

  • No waste of resources by creating query results for employees
  • Employees may query their own data at any time and at any place
  • International usage
  • Logged data access
  • Possibility of extension due to the usage of WebDynpro ABAP technology
  • Best practice solution