HR Force | Travel and Driving Periods


Travel and Driving Periods

Many collective agreements (e.g. metalworking industry, metal commerce, chemical industry,etc.) include specific processing regulations for travel and driving periods, in some collective agreements also titled as travel or driving times. The entries and calculation of the results is not possible as a matter of course in SAP Standard and requires the traveller and the person entering the data to have specific business knowledge.

Solution Description

With the HRFORCE-Solution "Travel and Driving Periods", the travel and driving periods incurred during a business trip can be processed directly via SAP Standard Travel Expenses Statement fully automated in accordance with the relevant collective agreement regulations.

This solution is developed within the SAP standard solution "Travel Expenses" via user exits and customer enhancements and is fully integrated into the SAP Standard.

Implemented Functionalities

    Travel and driving times are administered via customer-specific input fields in the various screens of the travel expenses solution.
    Calculation and payment of these additional services takes place directly via the travel expenses statement and is therefore also considered in the standard travel expenses report.
    Payment amounts can be made in accor­dance with the various collective agreement rules. The results are displayed as seperate receipt types in the travel receipts.
    The employees can be assigned to and excluded from the separate rule via features.

Client Advantages

  • Display of the collective agreement requirements in relation to the calculation of travel and driving periods
  • Calculation included in standard travel process
  • Recording of travel an driving times integrated in the SAP standard transactions
  • Reimbursement rates and valuation bases controlled by tables and infotypes (IT0008/IT0007, ...)
  • Payment by wages/salary or business travel statement
  • Transfer to wages and salary via SAP Standard Travel Management interface
  • All the costs of one trip are available at a glance.
  • Visible in all standard travel expenses reports