HR Force | Private Usage Company Car


Private Usage Company Car

Simplify and minimise your administrative effort to fulfil the new and upcoming legal requirements regarding the allowance calculation in case of the private usage of a company car and to run a correct payroll. At the same time you will be able to store the required statistical data to run your reports, at any time and in a quite simple way. Most companies having many private used company cars will benefit from this solution.

Solution Description

The HRFORCE-Solution “Private Usage of Company Cars” provides easy administration of relevant data and the correct calculation of payments in kind based on existing legal requirements.

Based on the data taken from the invoice and combined with additional data from the Registration Certificate the payment in kind will be calculated and transferred to your payroll automatically without any manual effort.

Future changes of upper limits (CO2 and/or maximum amount limits) may be handled easily without recalculating and changing every single data record.

Implemented Functionalities

    Employee related data entry of relevant basic data
    Data may be entered for time periods in the past or in the future and lead into a retroactive payroll run if required.
    The computed values for payments in kind (Company Car usage) are transferred automatically into your payroll run
    Payments by employees (one time or monthly) are reducing the value of the payment in kind (private usage of company car).
    Different regulations depending on the type of a company car are part of the shipment 

Client Advantages

  • Calculation bases are fully reportable via SAP Query
  • No manual calculation effort and no special knowledge regarding calculation rules required (but still helpful)
  • Computing results are available on the infotype directly after input (transparency).
  • Future proof development due to customizable tables for different regulations
  • Fully integrated into payroll
  • Customer wage types may be used further, therefore no changes to customer forms or queries required.
  • Statistic car data (license plate,
    type,…) may be entered and reported.