HR Force | Check maximum daily working time


Check maximum daily working time

Automatise the checks of daily maximum working times and provide information mails to your employees and managers concerning possible violations against daily limits. Simplify your workflows and inform your employees preventative about their forthcoming exceed of daily maximum working times and create mid to long term awareness in respect of keeping working time limits. At the same time you will get the proof that you as an employer called attention to your employees in advance in terms of taking care about their daily maximum working time. 

Solution Description

The legal requirement not to exceed the limits of daily working times is carefully audited by legal authorities. Employers and managers are more strongly demanded to point out a possible exceedance to their employees. This should be done on one hand to keep an eye for the benefit of all employees and on the other hand to avoid fines.

The HRFORCE-Solution “Check maximum daily working time” creates and sends notification mails to affected employees and assigned managers or substitutes for the purpose of providing information about the possible violation of daily maximum working times.

The solution runs automatically in the background and does not require any ongoing administrative effort.

Implemented Functionalities

    Automatic creation and sending of mails before working time violations may happen
    Mail text and subject are customisable.
    Manager determination based on organisational management
    Working time limits may be maintained individually. 

Client Advantages

  • Automatic workflow without manual manipulations required
  • No manual calculation effort and no personal evidence required
  • Projection of maximum working time achievement based on start of work
  • Relief of managers
  • Active information of employees and executives
  • Best practice solution